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Insurance works as a defense mechanism. Since the only thing certain in life is uncertainty, being prepared for it makes the unknown less challenging. An insurance agreement has two parties- the policy provider and the customer.
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Insurance Coverage

The customer pays an EMI to the insurance company, which provides compensation against the losses covered in the insurance deed.

Cheap car insurance in Delaware is one of the important sectors under insurance. Since a car provides convenience and luxury, owning one is the need of the day. With this need, also comes the need to safe guard it against unforeseen incidents on the road. Government Employees Insurance Company is one of the leading automotive insurance providers in the market. Not only is it well-known and but it has also built for itself a strong foundation in the market.

GEICO has stretched its wings across widespread locations in the country. It would be accurate to say that we are present wherever you are. However, for your own satisfaction you can cross check the availability of our services in your location by visiting our website. After being assured of our presence in your location, we will walk you through the rest of the process. From helping you figure your needs to delivering a scheme that caters them-we will manage just about everything. However, do keep in mind that California requires the following minimum coverage options.

Liability towards Body Injury: $15,000/- per individual / $30,000/- per mishap minimum.

Liability towards damage Property: $5,000/- minimum.

Motorist Body Injury Insurance: $15,000/- per person / $30,000/- per accident minimum.

Property Damage by Motorist which is Uninsured: $3,500/- minimum.

When it comes to selling car insurance, our team at GEICO is dedicated to hitting the nail on the head. We will sell to you exactly what you need.

Coverage Options

If you are looking at a regular insurance coverage then the standard insurance car coverage offers provided by GEICO are mentioned below.

  • Liability towards Body Injury
  • Payment for Medical (Protection for Personal Injury)
  • Motor that is Uninsured
  • Physical Damage of Comprehensive level
  • Collision
  • Liability towards damage Property

You can visit our website for detailed information on every single sub category.

In order to be a step ahead of our competitors and a step closer to you, GEICO offers a few special coverage schemes. We take your safety and well-being on the road as our personal responsibility. We’ve travelled the extra mile in our thought process and come up with unique schemes that take care of your vehicle in totality. At GEICO the smallest of details are taken into account. The options are listed below.

Road Service for Emergency: In situation such as drained car battery, Punctured tire, No Gas, towing needs and Locked out situations, this coverage comes to your rescue.

Rental Reimbursement: When your car is repaired under a covered claim, this coverage pays the cost of a rented car. It takes the sting away from inconvenience.

Mechanical Breakdown: What happens when your new car’s warranty get over and you are busted with a long list of repairs that cost you a hefty amount? Do not fret! We’ve got your back. Mechanical spares cost are covered under this scheme

Forgiveness for Accidents: Have you maintained a good driving record all along? If your answer is yes, then we have a special gift for you in the form of this scheme. First time people responsible for accidents are not charged any extra money by GEICO. You can continue to avail your good discounts on driving.


Insurance has granted GEICO a rating of Affordability 4/5, which makes it extra affordable than its fellow competitors in the market. In addition to being more affordable, GEICO also provides a wide range of discounts. Most of these discounts are not granted by other policy providers. Currently, the discounts offered by us are:

  • Breaks for Anti Locks
  • Anti-Theft Equipment
  • Daytime Lights
  • Driver Defensive Courses
  • Student who are good at driving
  • Membership for Group
  • Features for internal Safety
  • Service Member of Military
  • Policy of Multi-Line
  • Policy for Multi-Vehicle
  • Record of Safe Driving
  • Usage of Seat belts
  • Training for Young Driver

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

Customers are asked to participate in a survey that examines factors such as ease of set up, premium affordability, discount satisfaction, customer service and claims process. On the basis of this survey the extent of a customer’s satisfaction is revealed. Delaware Insurance has given GEICO a rating of 3.9/5 stars in this category. We believe that we are what we are because of our customers and we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to satisfy their needs. In the end, a word of appreciation from our policy holders is all that we aim for.

Survey Review Data

Financial Stability

Financial Stability Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

Financial Stability is judged by a company’s financial capacity to settle claims of its policyholders. In other words, it is the estimation of its assets. GEICO has total assets of $32.0 billion. Thus we hold a rating of 4.8 star from 5 stars. We are working extensively to stabilize our financial situation just so that we can help stabilize yours whenever the skies turn grey.

Contact Info

General Phone Number: 
(800) 207-7847
Customer Service Phone: 
(800) 241-8098

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2703 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609


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