Car Insurance
Car insurance is one of the common sectors under insurance. We spend close to a fortune buying cars to cater to our needs of both luxury and convenience in terms of conveyance. Progressive is one of the accredited and widespread automotive insurance providers in the market.
out of 599 user reviews

Insurance Coverage

It is one of the reputable companies that has grown its base on the key factor of their trustworthiness.

In simple language, insurance can be explained as a protection mechanism against unanticipated future loss. This is achieved through a contract between an best car insurance company and an individual, whereby the individual pays a monthly sum, which in turn is reimbursed in case of mishap which is covered under the scheme. In today’s day and age, insurance is a crucial aspect of life, since we cannot necessarily control the turn off negative events, we sure can safeguard against them. The famous saying- ‘Prevention is better than cure’, best describes the role of insurance. Although in this case, we can replace prevention with the term safeguarding.

Progressive provides its services over a wide spectrum of locations in the country. Hence, availability due to location should be least of your concern. Even then, to confirm the availability of our services in your location you could visit our website. Once you’ve established this, we assist you with a personalized auto insurance quote. However, do keep in mind that California requires the following minimum coverage options.

  • Liability towards Body Injury: $15,000/- per individual / $30,000/- per mishap minimum.
  • Liability towards damage Property: $5,000/- minimum.
  • Motorist Body Injury Insurance: $15,000/- per person / $30,000/- per accident minimum.
  • Property Damage by Motorist which is Uninsured: $3,500/- minimum.
  • In terms of coverage plans, we at Progressive travel the extra mile to bring to you the most suitable options that would cater to your specific needs.

Coverage Options

The general car insurance coverage offered by Progressive are mentioned below.

  • Liability towards Body Injury
  • Payment for Medical (Protection for Personal Injury)
  • Motor that is Uninsured
  • Physical Damage of Comprehensive level
  • Collision
  • Liability towards damage Property

You can visit our website for detailed information on every individual of these.

  • Additionally, Progressive also offers a few custom-built coverage schemes. As mentioned earlier, we travel the extra mile for the sake of your security and convenience. We aim to provide more options than our competitors and so far, we have been successful in doing so. The options are listed below.
  • Roadside Assistance: This scheme protects you in the hazardous situation of a car breakdown due to an involuntary or electrical failure. Situations like a dead battery, flat tire, car lookout are examples.
  • Car Rental: This scheme reimburses a cost of up to 30 days of car rental, while your car is being repaired under either the Comprehensive or Collision claim.
  • Accessories: This scheme makes sure that even add-ons such as stereos, custom paint, TV equipment etc are protected. The scheme ensures that these items if damaged will be either repaired or replaced.



As per the Delaware Insurance ranks, Progressive has received an Affordability rating of 5 out of 5 stars. This clearly states that our premium options are more affordable than those provided by our fellow competitors. We understand that in a world full of increasing expenses and limited income, every cent of your hard earned money counts. Therefore, we are consistently working on providing a unique set of discounts that add on to making our services even more affordable. Such a widespread range of discounts is not offered by any other provider in the market. If eligible, you are entitled to the benefit of saving a decent amount. By doing so, we are always trying to reduce an element of financial stress from your life. Currently, the discounts offered by us are:

  • Auto Pay
  • Continuous Insurance
  • Good Student
  • Home Owner
  • Minor On Policy
  • Multi-Line Policy
  • Multi-Vehicle Policy
  • Online Quote
  • Online Signature
  • Safe Driving Record
  • Up-Front Payment

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 
out of 5120 user reviews

Based on a survey conducted by Delaware Insurance ranks, Progressive customers have rated the aspect of customer satisfaction at 3.9 out of 5. The factors that influenced this survey were experiences such as ease of set up, premium affordability, discount satisfaction, customer service and claims process. We are constantly striving to deliver the best possible service and ensure that at all points our customers are proud of being associated with us. We don’t just sell policies, we invite you to be a part of our family and do what families are best known for standing by you in times of need.

Survey Review Data

Financial Stability

Financial Stability Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

Financial Stability marks a company’s potential to pay out claims to its policyholders. This is calculated by the company’s strength with regard to its possession of assets. As per current reports, Progressive has total assets of $33.6 billion. Hence, on the subject of financial stability, we hold a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. By securing our own stand, we can assure you that we’ve got your back at all times.

Contact Info

General Phone Number: 
Customer Service Phone: 
(800) 776-4737

Corporate Headquarters

The Progressive Corporation
6300 Wilson Mills Rd.
Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143


625 S Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE, 19901

(302) 674-3100

5227 W Woodmill Dr#43, Wilmington, DE, 19808 

(302) 633-1980

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